We're all familiar with the term "Netflix and chill," but one of my favourite things to do is Netflix and learn. There's no denying the great selection of documentaries to choose from but what I learned, came from a French film called "Coco Avant Chanel." I didn't know much about the beginnings of Chanel, but the movie affected me enough to go and print on some t-shirts.

The biggest takeaway I got from the movie and my own research, was Coco's blunt disregard for her era's fashion trends. She made the person the focus of her designs. In a time where people focused on exaggeration and opulence, Coco kept it simple. Before the quilted purses and little black dresses, Coco was taking old menswear garments and turning them into chic womenswear staples.

There's so much she pioneered: she was challenging gender norms before gender norms were a thing. What I love most was her drive to make things simple, and nice, no matter what the surrounding noise.

Take a look for yourself, it's worth the watch. Even the way the French say, "Coco" is delightful...

- Sei

📷: @seicampbell

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