Collection I: Kamekubi Shirt, the construction.

Knits were the last thing I learned to work with before I decided to launch SWB. The biggest lesson I took from this fabric, is that it stretches one way and not the other.

When I started to prototype the shirt, two components stood out to me as far as applying this notion. The elbow pads jumped out to me first, as it's pretty obvious the way an arm bends. Also, I think that perpendicular lines look dope on any rib knit fabric. For me however, my favourite part of the shirt is the cuff. 

I hate it when you wear a knit and over the course of the day (of rolling up your sleeves), they keep falling down because they're completely stretched out. Not the case for this shirt: a perfect blend of directional design lines and utilitarian core.

Believe it or not, the hardest thing to get right on the shirt was the collar...

- Sei

📷: @seicampbell

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