Collection I: SS Bomber

The bomber jacket is a good, representative outerwear piece for Vancouver. This style is another example of something I thought of after I saw the fabric. I don't know why but as soon as I picked up the roll, the first thing that came to mind was bomber jackets. I just love bomber jackets. I also, hate bomber jackets. Well, I don't hate bomber jackets. Just one small part; the sleeve pocket. 

It looks like such an afterthought as far as a cohesive garment goes, and what makes it worse? I've seen that tacky pocket on everything, hoodies even. I get that when it was created, it served an important purpose but tell me if you ever see anyone today walking around with a pen sticking out of it.

So with my distaste came what would separate a SWB bomber from the rest (my sleeve pockets are meant for a passport) and though the presence of the pocket is minimized, it's still there for those that see it as a must. With that, the jacket is something you can wear every day and with everything.

It's clean, it's black and you can wear it in the rain...

- Sei

📷: @seicampbell

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