Collection II: Mirae Jeans

I'm super fortunate to be surrounded by a number of very strong and inspiring women. My sister is another example of someone at the top of that list. I got an earful when she found out that I had named something in Collection I after my mom, but nothing after her. 

So, the bottoms for Collection II were a no-brainer. It worked out nicely because I wanted to keep much of the style the same as the Akiko Jeans, but make a second generation. The main goal was to make a style in colours other than those of an indigo base. My pile of blue jeans didn't need to get any bigger.

With the decision to do something just a little differently, came the idea for the zipper pocket. I've always liked Vislon zippers, and thought they give the jeans a more rugged yet refined look: which plays to my sister's character. She works in the outdoor industry and is the most adventurous person I know. She also snacks more than anyone I know, so it made sense to make jeans with a cool snack pocket.

Now all I want to do is make a pair of cargo pants...

- Sei

📷: @seicampbell

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