Collection II: Sankaku Half-Zip, the basis.

There's no denying how fundamental a hoodie is in any Vancouverite's wardrobe. It's right up there with jeans. Collection I was built around the jeans: it made sense to build Colllection II around another staple garment.

There are a lot of nice hoodies out there, but there are also countless terrible ones. My thinking was around the question of what makes a bad hoodie? Where most hoodies go wrong for me, is by accentuating the details (drawstrings, kangaroo pockets, etc.). If you take all those things away, you're left with a nice, comfortable layering piece.

Sankaku in Japanese means triangle. Looking at the hoodie, there's not much going on triangularly but there is if we go deeper. Drafting the garment involved a lot of small slices on the pattern; by the end, I was left with a little pile of interesting triangle shapes.

I wonder what the drafting process for a pullover would look like?

- Sei 

📷: @seicampbell

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