Welcome to the written word of SWB.

Start With the Basis started in the back of a retail/workshop store in the heart of Gastown in Vancouver, BC. I took my knowledge from working in high-end menswear and the skills working in production, to create my interpretation of a contemporary menswear label.

SWB encompasses a variety of things. My main inspiration comes from heritage menswear; where I see value in the old method of design and production. Clothes were made to last and served a purpose beyond an outfit for the day.

Function is another and I don't want to be cliché and say my label is utilitarian but, I used to make bags. Moreover, I used to make minimal bags. That's been my most enjoyable design challenge is create things that look simple, but have cool features beneath the surface. 

Contemporary is another overused term in the industry, but I love that there are no rules anymore. There's no shortage of heritage labels or contemporary brands, so where I see opportunity is to carve my lane somewhere in between.

For me, SWB is the bridge between heritage and contemporary...

- Sei

📷: @seicampbell

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