Welcome to the written word of SWB.

Start With the Basis started in the back of a retail/workshop store in the heart of Gastown in Vancouver, BC. I took my knowledge from working in high-end menswear and the skills working in production, to create my interpretation of a contemporary menswear label.

SWB encompasses a variety of things. My main inspiration comes from heritage menswear; where I see value in the old method of design and production. Clothes were made to last and served a purpose beyond an outfit for the day.

Function is another and I don't want to be cliché and say my label is utilitarian but the thing is, I used to make bags. Moreover, I used to make minimal bags. That's been my most enjoyable design challenge: to create things that look simple, but don't sacrifice any utility. 

Contemporary is another overused term in the industry, but I love that there are no rules anymore. There's no shortage of heritage labels and no shortage of contemporary brands, so where I see opportunity is to carve my lane somewhere in between.

So that's what I started with: the basis. For me, SWB is the bridge between heritage and contemporary...

- Sei

📷: @seicampbell

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