Collection I

For something as daunting as a debut collection, Collection I came together pretty fluidly. I knew I wanted to make casual menswear and do something that represented Vancouver, but had a little bit of edge. 

My adolescent style of BAPE camo hoodies, Dissizit! tees and big logo Evisu jeans has completely shifted into muted heritage pieces and nice sneakers. The basis for me, was to recreate the clothes I loved or wanted but didn't have in my closet.

I'm constantly inspired by the movement in everyday life, as well as the idea of designing an outfit, not just a garment. Combine this with an old marketing term (keep it simple, stupid) and the basis for Collection I was conceived. 

What separates it from other menswear? You have to look closely. I've always loved straight or angular design lines and feel they give a progressive, almost futuristic look to traditional clothing. The rest is simple: a capsule of everyday garments.

- Sei

📷: @seicampbell

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