Spring Cleaning Collection

I wanted a bit of time after Collection II to go back to making things that I thought would be fun, and explore other opportunities in womenswear and luxury. I think it's a gift and a curse for any maker to want to create things just for fun, even if they don't necessarily fit with their brand or image. I also realized I really want to take my time developing Collection III, and that that's okay.

I still felt inspired to release some sort of collection however, to help keep my mind directed, while still experimenting with other ideas. I did some organizing at my studio and came across a variety of materials that I had bought previously, or were leftover from past production runs.

I knew I wouldn't be developing a capsule like always, more so a few random pieces from random rolls of fabric. That being the case, I decided to think of a layered theme to help with styling the fewer and more random pieces. 

The spring cleaning idea is something that everyone can relate to, but I wanted to go a little deeper and touch on something more current. I feel like there's so much I've read recently about our present culture preaching, "Millennials this, millennials that..."

- Sei

📷: @seicampbell

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