Spring Cleaning Collection: Masao Robe, the construction.

I made a couple of leather jackets for my sister and mom, and was able to repurpose some old kimonos that would have otherwise sat in my grandparents' dresser forever. Lining their jackets, gave me the opportunity to take apart some of these prized robes and see how they went together.

Making the pattern for this garment, made me realize how ingenious my fellow countrymen are. Things like armholes create strange shapes where fabric waste is unavoidable. The pattern pieces for kimonos however, are consistent throughout and fit nicely together. 

I didn't want to add pockets on the body, as I wanted the collar to be the focus. I did notice however, that there was quite a bit of room underneath each of the arms.

We've all been in a state where we don't want to move, especially to get up and grab something. I made sure the arm pockets have enough room to make this the ultimate loungewear piece...

- Sei

📷: @seicampbell


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