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    Start With the Basis is a brand that blends versatility with bold simplicity. Inspired by heritage and current contemporary, the silhouettes are kept clean to accentuate you, the wearer. Based in Vancouver, SWB is the result of its rugged yet temperate environment.

    In our current, overly-stimulated environment, sometimes an initial goal gets lost or misinterpreted. The term Start With the Basis is set to help re-align the idea; what’s the reason behind the creation?

    Take a plain piece of paper and fold it into a beautiful bird. Pull apart the bird and the lines remain. This is the logo; a reminder of foundation.


    Pronounced “say,” SEI is the luxury arm of SWB. Born from a love of leather and a desire to use the best of the best to make unique, yet timeless pieces.

    The logo is “SEI,” written out in Katana: a Japanese alphabet used solely to express words borrowed from English. Because all design is inspired, the logo is a nod to this.

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